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Bordom Box Playdoor! Your gateway to endless fun!

Discover Playdoor, a one-of-a-kind platform brought to you by Boredom Box, offering an array of engaging workshops tailored for kids. Immerse your child in meaningful DIY adventures and exhilarating board games. Unleash their creativity and let the fun begin!

Board Game Bonanza

Get ready for a blast of fun and learning! Our board game workshop is like a magic carpet ride through cultural games, Hindi, math, and storytelling. It's all about laughs, surprises, and making memories that'll have you smiling long after the game's over. Come join the party!

  • I spy Ramayana
  • Rainbow Fun
  • Matki Magic
  • Chote Jasoos
  • Shabdo ka Mela
  • Ram Setu
  • Everyone has a story to tell